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Cyber and information security is an identified priority across the Benelux.

Despite a steadily increasing security spend, organisations are struggling to address all threats, and there is a recognition that security and risk management is no longer solely an IT issue, but a business-wide one.

This webinar will highlight what trends and opportunities there are in the security, risk and governance space in the Benelux and how to best approach these opportunities. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are open and competitive economies, and are excellent gateway markets for Northern Ireland businesses into wider Europe.

An Introduction to the Benelux Markets: Security, Risk and Governance – Amy Dalton and Emilien Thorin
Areas of Priority and Opportunities in the Dutch Market – Martijn van Hoogenhuijze and Philip Meijer
Angoka Case Study – Daniel Ruiz

Amy Dalton and Emilien Thorin, Invest Northern Ireland
Invest NI’s in-market colleagues identify and facilitate trade and FDI opportunities between Northern Ireland and the Benelux markets.

Philip Meijer and Martijn van Hoogenhuijze, Innovation Quarter
Innovation Quarter supports collaboration and innovation in the Rotterdam-The Hague delta region, with Security being a particular focus.

Daniel Ruiz, Angoka
Belfast based Angoka focuses on managing cyber security risks inherent in connected and autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, smart cities and IoT devices.

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