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Australia is open for business!

Northern Ireland companies will find a world-leading location for Life and Health Sciences in Australia. It is a market that offers transparency in its regulations, commitment to research and clinical trials, is investing in digital health infrastructure and product and welcomes international collaboration.

To capitalise on the momentum currently building around Life and Health Sciences exports to Australia, Invest Northern Ireland is inviting you to a complementary webinar that will entice, inform and educate you on market opportunities and market entrance advice.

It will feature an expert panel of speakers addressing logistical and compliance issues and sharing commercial opportunities within the sector with a nod to the Biotech & Biopharma sectors.

Angela Foley
Angela Foley is the Founding Director of Foley & Associates Pty Ltd in Australia. She established the company in 2002 with the key objective of providing international trade advice to international organisations seeking to do business in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Duncan Macinnis
Dr Duncan Macinnis is Director of Stakeholder Engagement for New South Wales (NSW) and ACT at MTP Connect, an organisation aimed at accelerating the growth rate of the Medical Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors in Australia.

A/Prof Adrian Bootes
Adrian was most recently Associate Secretary for Australia's regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), implementing 6 new approval pathways and leading the Covid-19 responses.

10:00-10:05: Introduction - Suzanne McMillan, Invest Northern Ireland
10:05-10:15: Foley and Associates, Angela Foley
10:15-10:30: Medtech & Pharma Growth Centre (MTP Connect), Dr Duncan Macinnis
10:30-10:45: A/Prof Adrian Bootes
10:45-10:50: Closing Remarks, Suzanne McMillan
10:50-11:00: Q&A

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