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Theatre at the Mill, Mossley Mill 

At this workshop you will gain an insight into the tools and techniques used by learning and development professionals to develop, cost and budget training plans. This will enable you to plan, scope and manage training and development plans for your organisation while maximising return on investment.


Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) plays a critical role in the Supply Chain function. This process is key in understanding the impact of changing customer demands. It is fundamental in aligning sales forecasts with operational capabilities and, through better planning and communication, can drive better decision-making within organisations. In the webinar, we will provide an overview of S&OP principles and share practical knowledge and skills to enhance S&OP practices and drive better business outcomes. You will gain an understanding of: • The fundamentals of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes • The importance of aligning sales forecasts with operational capabilities • Demand and supply planning • The importance of collaborative decision-making across departments • Common challenges and how to overcome some of the typical barriers in S&OP implementation Speakers: Clive Stewart, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Invest Northern Ireland Mark Cahill, and Ian Taylor, Senior Supply Chain Advisors, Invest Northern Ireland Q&A After the webinar, you will have an opportunity to have your specific S&OP questions answered.


Want to build a more sustainable Supply Chain? The drive for supply chain sustainability has evolved significantly in recent years. Businesses recognise the need to develop a supply chain sustainability strategy – one that will meet the expectations of key stakeholders such as customers, staff, suppliers, and government. This webinar will provide an introduction on what to consider when beginning your Supply Chain sustainability journey. It will provide practical insights and skills to help implement more sustainable practices and drive better business outcomes. Webinar agenda: • Overview of Supply Chain Sustainability • Why change? Meeting the needs of the future in economic, social, ethical, and environmental terms • Understand Scope 3 emissions • Practical steps to begin your supply chain sustainability strategy • Mapping and engaging your supply chain on sustainability The webinar will be hosted by Stephen Drummond and Jimmy Moore, Senior Supply Chain Advisors from Invest Northern Ireland.