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Effective material handling and control is essential for efficient operation and material flow. Optimising inbound and outbound processes will directly impact the key business performance metrics of cash flow, operational efficiency, and capacity.

Our Warehouse Management webinar will outline the fundamentals for efficient operation of the material handling function within your business. It details key focus areas you can use to drive continuous improvement.

You will gain an understanding of: 
• Warehouse safety (protecting your most important asset) 
• Warehouse and inventory organisation 
• Inbound - Receiving new stock 
• Outbound - Picking and despatching stock 
• Measuring and improving performance. 
• Using automation for accuracy and efficiency 
• Kitting and marshalling of material,  
• Dealing with obsolescence and slow-moving stock 

o Clive Stewart, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Invest Northern Ireland  
o Enda McKeever, Senior Supply Chain Advisor, Invest Northern Ireland  
o Jimmy Moore, Senior Supply Chain Advisor, Invest Northern Ireland   

Q & A  
After the Webinar, you will have an opportunity to have your specific Warehouse Management questions answered.

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