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CE Marking is mandated by European Directives. Many products are covered by these directives and, to be placed on the European and GB market, must bear the CE, UKCA, or UKNI mark - it's a legal requirement.

With Brexit done it is vitally important for companies to make sure that their product technical files and risk analyses are comprehensive, up to date and clearly documented whether products are being sold in the UK or in the EU.

The appropriate marking is the claim that the product meets the essential requirements of all relevant Directives, and can be legally supplied and move freely throughout the EU, GB and NI.

This course is based primarily on the Low Voltage (LV) and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directives. It provides guidance to compliance and assists participants to determine the route that is most appropriate, cost-effective and efficient for their product. For most companies, the marking is a self-certification process and involves an evaluation of the product or equipment against a relevant standard.

The course will be interactive and participative, with opportunities for discussion.

On completion, participants should:
• Have gained an understanding of the statutory requirements involved;
• Understand technical requirements and interpret compliance standards;
• Understand the CE, UKCA, UKNI marking process and identify the best route to compliance.

Terms & conditions
• If there is insufficient demand for workshops we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel.

Time Activity
09:30 Welcome & Introductions
09:35 Introduction to CE, UKCA, and UKNI Marking
10:05 Introduction to Electrical Safety & the New Legislative Framework
10:45 Break
11:05 Introduction to EMC
11:40 Electrical Safety
12:25 Break
12:45 EMC in Practice
13:30 LVD Documentation
14:10 Break
14:30 Introduction to ISO 13849-1
15:15 Introduction to RED
15:45 Break
16:05 RoHS, WEEE, ErP, and EMF
16:40 Close

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