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Want to learn how to reduce costs, minimise risk and improve performance and customer satisfaction?

Effective logistics management within your supply chain can improve the competitive advantage and profitability of your business. For logistics to work, they require supply chain professionals to develop their knowledge, engagement skills and to be well practiced in responding to changing global headwinds.

Our Logistics webinar will provide practical insights and tips into managing the logistics process within your supply chain.

You will get an overview of:
- The role of logistics within the supply chain
- Why measure performance
- How to identify opportunities and implement cost savings/process improvements within Logistics
- The use of Technology in the Logistics Environment
- Market Access, Customs, INCO Terms and Upcoming Challenges for Logistics
- How Invest NI can help

The webinar will be hosted by Brian Haveron and Enda McKeever, Senior Supply Chain Advisors from Invest Northern Ireland.

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