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Businesses that adopt the principles of the circular economy can reap significant financial and reputational benefits. This webinar will explain the principles of the circular economy, discuss the opportunities which exist for local businesses and highlight the emerging strategy in Northern Ireland.

In a circular economy, businesses design out waste and pollution, and unavoidable waste and bi-products are regenerated in to new offerings, creating new revenue and profit opportunities, reduce costs and strengthen relationships with customers, while positively contributing to global climate change targets.

A circular economy encourages innovation, increases growth, and creates sustainable employment – and if local businesses transition to operating a circular economy, the impact will be felt across society.

Both globally and locally, governments are in the process of legislating for and promoting circular economy models and by attending this webinar it will help your business get ahead of the curve.

Join us to learn how the circular economy can create opportunities for businesses from the following sectors:
• Advanced Manufacturing
• Agri-food
• Bio/Green Economy
• Construction and the built environment
• Electronics
• Plastics and packaging
• Tourism

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