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25 Jan 09:30


Cyber and information security is an identified priority across the Benelux. Despite a steadily increasing security spend, organisations are struggling to address all threats, and there is a recognition that security and risk management is no longer solely an IT issue, but a business-wide one. This webinar will highlight what trends and opportunities there are in the security, risk and governance space in the Benelux and how to best approach these opportunities. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are open and competitive economies, and are excellent gateway markets for Northern Ireland businesses into wider Europe. Agenda: An Introduction to the Benelux Markets: Security, Risk and Governance – Amy Dalton and Emilien Thorin Areas of Priority and Opportunities in the Dutch Market – Martijn van Hoogenhuijze and Philip Meijer Angoka Case Study – Daniel Ruiz Q&A Amy Dalton and Emilien Thorin, Invest Northern Ireland Invest NI’s in-market colleagues identify and facilitate trade and FDI opportunities between Northern Ireland and the Benelux markets. Philip Meijer and Martijn van Hoogenhuijze, Innovation Quarter Innovation Quarter supports collaboration and innovation in the Rotterdam-The Hague delta region, with Security being a particular focus. Daniel Ruiz, Angoka Belfast based Angoka focuses on managing cyber security risks inherent in connected and autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, smart cities and IoT devices.

25 Jan 14:30


Industrial Energy Transformation – Technologies and Solutions The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) supports the development and deployment of technologies that enable businesses with high energy use to move to a low carbon future. Designed to help businesses with high energy use to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions through investing in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies, a new call is due early in 2022 to support SME’s and we need to highlight how to access this funding, the technologies it will support and how we can bring forward successful projects. Agenda • Welcome – Grainne McVeigh, Invest NI • Overview of IETF – Jenni McDonnell, KTN • Technologies to be supported – Lily Tozer, BEIS • Solutions (2 minute pitches from Invest NI Client Companies) – - Project Design – Adrian Watson, Project Design Engineers - Energy Storage – Eddie McGoldrick, The Electric Storage Company - Energy Efficiency through Monitoring and Targeting – Jessica Caldwell, LoweConex - Heat Recovery – Brian Hood, BHS • Support from Invest NI – Sam Knox, Invest NI

26 Jan 10:00


The coronavirus pandemic is causing unprecedented changes in every industry. Some organisations are continuing to deliver their products and services with minimal disruption, but most are facing upheaval and uncertainty. This Training Needs Analysis webinar is designed to help you identify the skills you need to teach your staff to strengthen your business during these challenging times. You will get an insight into the tools and techniques used by learning and development professionals to analyse training needs - this will enable you to increase productivity and improve the skills of your people through targeted training going forward. We will look at What is Training Needs Analysis and why is it so important, the development cycle and what it means for organisations and we will also look at task analysis and individual needs.

27 Jan 10:00


Supply Chain: Supplier Selection & Performance Management Suppliers play a critical role in helping companies succeed. In order to find the right ones, businesses need to consider a number of critical factors, including: Price, Reliability, Value for money, Responsiveness, Quality and Flexibility. The objective of this webinar is to provide you an introduction to key elements of Supplier Selection & Performance Management, the criteria for selecting a supplier and what to look for in a supplier. The topics covered in this webinar include: • Supplier Selection • Qualifying suppliers • Supplier score card • Performance metrics • What are the next steps • Who to contact We will also sign post some tools, techniques and resources which you may consider as next steps.

28 Jan 11:00


Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), is a simple but powerful Lean technique for reducing waste in a manufacturing process. It’s a systematic approach that enables organisations to dramatically reduce set-up time or change-over time. It provides a rapid and efficient way of changing the machine set-up in a manufacturing process from one product to another. Single Minute Exchange of Dies is known as SMED, Quick Changeover or Set-up Reduction. In our Operational Excellence webinar series, OPEX Coach Simon McKee takes you through: • What is SMED? • What the benefits are for your business by using SMED • What is involved in applying each of the SMED steps

31 Jan 14:00


Growing sales in new markets can transform your business, but do you have the capability to sell outside Northern Ireland? The Sell Outside Northern Ireland scheme is targeted towards small to medium enterprises who either haven’t sold their product or service outside of Northern Ireland before, or are relatively new to selling into new markets. Starting to do business in a new market poses a whole new set of challenges in order to ensure that you can fulfil your business contract requirements. It can take time and money to develop new markets, but it can also be very rewarding. A planned approach helps you to identify the best opportunities. It ensures that you understand what is involved, and that you have the resources and skills you need. This webinar will help you to begin to grow sales outside Northern Ireland by helping you to: - Identify new markets - Identify potential new business partners/customers - Create a Marketing Plan - Boost turnover sales If you have any queries about this webinar, please contact